I'm not a career politician.


I'm a working mom. I live in Austin and work in the healthcare industry. I was born in South Oak Cliff, on the poor side of Dallas, and I grew up in Ovilla. This campaign is not backed by special interests or backroom handshake deals between political insiders--it is backed by small, individual donations from average people, just like you and me. This campaign is as much yours as it is mine. I am not going to D.C. to become a career politician. That's the last thing I want. And that is why I favor term limits, and why I will term-limit myself if I am elected.

But you and I know that the system in D.C. is broken. You and I know that establishment politicians with their hands deep in the pockets of special interests aren't going to fix that broken system. You and me--we're the ones who have to fix it. And we're going to do it the right way -- by relying on Texans, listening to real people instead of PACs, and working on the things that people and families care about and want to make right for our state and our country. That's what this campaign is about. My goal--and my promise--is to step up and serve your interests, so folks in Cleburne, in Burnet, in Meridian, in Hillsboro, and every Texan in the 25th Congressional district has a voice in our government.

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Why I'm running

I’m doing this because our state and our country very much need to regain a sense of balance and decency. In tragedy, Americans unite and demonstrate acts of courage, self-sacrifice, generosity, and compassion, just as the first responders did 16 years ago in Manhattan and just as folks did when Hurricane Harvey hit our State. And I firmly believe our country can come together in the absence of tragedy and demonstrate these same character traits. I believe in this state and its people, and I believe that we can be that voice of balance and decency, which is desperately needed in Washington, D.C. 

I’m not defined by political dogma, but by values like honesty, responsibility, respect, optimism, commitment. I think those are values we can all get behind, no matter where we fall on the political spectrum.

We must find middle ground. We need to work across the aisle to make life better for all Texans. We should be working together to find better ways to make sure our families can be healthy, to insist our veterans get the care and respect they’ve earned, and to put folks to work so our economy can continue to thrive and our communities improve. Most of all, we need government of and for the people again; we are, after all, One Nation under God; we are Indivisible. For growth to happen, we can’t wait for anyone else or any other year or any other excuse to keep us from doing what we know is right.

That's why I'm running for House of Representatives in the 25th.

I'm running because I'm one of y'all, and I want to be your voice. I'm going all over the district and talking to folks like you because I actually care about this country and our state and what our kids' and grandkids' future looks like. I want to know what is on your minds, what you care about, and what you expect from your next representative. 

I'm running because our district deserves better than an establishment politician who only wants to protect and serve his own interests and who refuses to meet with the folks in this district. Texas deserves a public servant who will listen to them and their concerns. And that’s exactly what I plan to do.

It's time for the people from Texas' 25th Congressional District to have someone who actually represents them in the House.

Stand with me, and I promise I will stand for you.



Read more about Julie, her campaign, her mission, her work fighting for the community, and her nearly two decades of experience in providing healthcare to Texans.

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