Views and Commitments

Healthcare for all. 

Every American should have high-quality healthcare, be able to see a doctor, and be able to afford prescriptions--no matter if they’re rich or poor, young or old, or have pre-existing conditions or not. We should not only improve the existing model--we have to move to a Medicare-for-all style system.


create HIGH VALUE JOBs. 

Everyone in this state and in this country who can work should be able to find high value work. We should invest in training, certification and apprenticeship programs so that everyone can find meaningful, good-paying jobs, and we should work to reduce the wage gap between the rich and working poor.



Every child should be guaranteed a high quality education, no matter his or her background, ZIP code, or skin color. We have to empower teachers in the classroom with better pay, we have to invest in and modernize our public schools, and no public dollars should be given to private schools.



American democracy is under threat. We have to get big money out of our elections and end partisan gerrymandering. And we should be making it easier for Texans to vote, not harder. We must fully restore the enforcement provision of the Voting Rights Act and institute automatic voter registration.



Every American deserves equal treatment under the law--no exceptions. We need to fight for full federal equality for LGBTQ Americans, guarantee that same-sex couples are entitled to access the same federal benefits as any other Texas family, and protect people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation in every aspect of public life.


honor veterans. 

We should honor our commitments to veterans, service members, and military families. These men and women put their lives on the line for this country. We owe them a coherent strategy and a definition of victory for the war --estimated at $250 million a day -- we’ve been fighting in the greater Middle East for the last 16 years.


WE NEED real immigration reform.

Immigrants should have a lawful, earned path to citizenship or permanent residence. Texas' unique culture positions us as a leader. Law-abiding immigrants help our state and country grow strong, safe and prosperous. As Texans, we know that we don't need walls or paranoia--we need comprehensive federal immigration reform. Laws like Texas' SB4 make us all less safe. We have to end family detention and for-profit detention centers. Our country and our state were built by refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants. And Congress must pass a clean DREAM act now.


fight for women's reproductive health.

Our state and our country are facing a healthcare crisis among women because of ideological attacks on women's access to reproductive healthcare. Texas has an alarmingly high maternal mortality rate, and minority and African American women are disproportionately affected. We have to embrace policies that do not devalue the life of the woman. All women deserve access to birth control and other preventive care, and all women should have equal access to reproductive health care.


PROTECT MEDICARE and social security.

Social Security is an earned benefit that seniors in Texas and all over American have worked their entire lives for. We have to protect and strengthen that benefit for future generations of Texans. Likewise, Medicare is the bedrock of care for millions of American seniors and people with disabilities. We should fight against any attempt to privatize Medicare or Social Security.


meaningfully address climate change.

After Hurricane Harvey, Congress can no longer ignore climate change as the issue of national security that threatens our survival and our kids’ and grandkids' future that it plainly is. We have to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords so that America can lead as a world clean energy superpower. We can create good-paying jobs, slash carbon pollution at home and around the world, and ensure that no Americans are left behind as we scale up a clean energy economy.



INVEST IN THE rural economY.

We can continue to drive rural economic growth with key investments in infrastructure such as water, wastewater treatment, and green energy infrastructure. It's critical that rural hospitals receive adequate funding and support. And we have to enshrine Net Neutrality to close the digital divide in rural areas--critical to revitalizing and stabilizing rural economies.



Congress owes every mass shooting victim's family - from Sandy Hook, to Sutherland Springs, to Las Vegas to Parkland - a real debate and a vote on gun safety legislation. No more thoughts and prayers. Extensive background checks and improving mental health services statewide will make Texas safer. When weapons of war are marketed and sold to civilians--weapons that are designed to kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible--they will be used by some to kill people quickly, efficiently and effectively.



The United States imprisons more of our own people than does any other country on earth. We have to end the practice of CBP and ICE contracting with private, for-profit prisons like the GEO Group. And we have to change the way our justice system is funded, to end the perverse incentives that exacerbate inequalities - especially the massively wasteful, failed war on drugs that has deep roots in the mass incarceration of communities of color.




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