Invest in Education.

Every child should be guaranteed a high quality education, no matter his or her background, ZIP code, or skin color. We have to empower teachers in the classroom with better pay, we have to invest in and modernize our public schools, and no public dollars should be given to private schools.

My commitments include:

• No public funds should be given to private schools

• Protecting teachers' retirement

• Providing states and school districts funding to help scale computer science instruction and vocational training programs in lower-income school districts; our goal is going to be to improve student achievement by increasing college enrollment and completion in CS Ed fields, and we’re going to keep the focus on lower-income school districts in our state because those are the districts who need the resources most

• Dismantling the so-called “school-to-prison pipeline”, by fighting for a fiscal package that supports schools in reforming overly punitive disciplinary policies, collaborating with partners at the state legislature to reform school disturbance laws that disproportionately affect students of color, and encouraging states to use federal education funding to implement social and emotional support intervention