Honor Veterans

We should honor our commitments to veterans, service members, and military families. These men and women put their lives on the line for this country. We owe them a coherent strategy and a definition of victory for the war --estimated at $250 million a day -- we’ve been fighting in the greater Middle East for the last 16 years. Not only will I fight any attempt to privatize the VA, I'll fight to expand the VA as well.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected to represent District 25, I intend to lobby hard for an appointment to the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, because that's where I feel Congress has so much work to do in serving those who sacrifice so much for the people of this country.

Job creation, and especially job creation for veterans, is something I want to tackle right away, We should provide our military veterans increased access to apprenticeship training programs.

Right now, if I'm an employer who wants to hire veterans through apprenticeships, there's a ton of unnecessary paperwork in the way that requires me to individually register these programs with each and every state approval agency.

And the result is that it discourages employers from offering apprenticeships.

In Texas and across the country we can streamline how apprenticeship programs are offered in as many ways as we can.

This is something tangible that Congress can fix easily, get through committee right away, and get done.