Fight for Women's Health

Our state and our country are facing a healthcare crisis among women because of ideological attacks on women's access to reproductive healthcare. Texas has an alarmingly high maternal mortality rate, and minority and African American women are disproportionately affected. We have to embrace policies that do not devalue the lives of women.

All women should have equal access to reproductive health care, birth control and other preventive care.

We should provided greater access to contraception services, we should provide more Texans with science-based sex education, and we should make sure that everyone has healthcare--including access to medically safe reproductive healthcare.

My commitments include:

  • Strongly opposing any attempt to repeal Roe v. Wade
  • Ensuring that a woman's right to choose is not compromised.
  • Protecting Planned Parenthood
  • Addressing Texas' horrific and tragic maternal mortality crisis, and specifically the fact that it affects black women at much higher rates

Questions about a woman's health and future and bodily autonomy  should be left to a woman and her doctor. The government should not be involved.

And we know that when we elect women, we pass more laws that specifically benefit women's health.

I personally don't believe that anyone can say they’re pro-life but then do everything they can to devalue the life of the mother. You can’t oppose abortion, but support policies that gut public education, take healthcare from sick children, the elderly, black and brown people, and the disabled, and engage in racial profiling and mass deportations, including immigration policies that specifically aim at breaking apart families.